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1) 5th Point  Australia
2) 5th Point  Australia - New South Wales
3) Abseilon USA, LLC.  United States - Arizona

5) Absolutio  France
6) Accen Sp zoo  Poland
7) Access Maintenance Group  Australia - Queensland
8) Access Rescue Consulting at Height (ARCH)  United Kingdom - Ireland
9) Access Techniques Ltd  United Kingdom - Midlands
10) Acuren  United States - Texas

Acuren Rope Access

 Canada - Ontario

12) Advanced Industrial Solutions Ltd  UK England

14) AIRA  Australia - New South Wales
15) All Phase Welding & Marine Inc.  United States - Texas

Allied Training Services

 United Kingdom - Scotland

17) Alpine Industry  Turkey
18) Alpinist Safety Consultants (Pty) Limited  Sub-Saharan Africa

Altitec Limited

 United Kingdom - London

20) Altius Technical Services  United States - Nevada
21) AMS Inc.  Canada
22) Applus RTD (Australia)  Australia - Western Australia

Applus RTD Training

 United Kingdom - Scotland

Applus RTD UK Limited

 Scotland UK

AquaTerra Solutions Ltd

 United Kingdom - Scotland


 Spain - Mainland, Baleares, Melilla, Ceuta

27) Ascent  Poland
28) Ascent Safety BV  The Netherlands
29) ATIS SAS  France

31) AxcessRescue  United States - Maine
32) Base Access & Rigging LTD  New Zealand
33) Baseline Training  Australia
34) BCE Solutions Inc  Australia/Singapore

Belay Rope Access

 United Kingdom - South East

36) Building Exterior Solutions  United States - Texas (far west)
37) C & J Inspection Services  United Kingdom - North West
38) cafsat - o2m  France
39) Cam Specialist Support  United Kingdom - South East
40) Campbell Engineering  Malaysia
41) CAN-USA Inc.  USA
42) Canadian Rope Access Specialists Inc.  Canada
43) Cape  Australia - Western Australia
44) Cape Marine and Offshore Pty Ltd  Australia - Western Australia

Cape Plc

 UK Scotland

46) Cape Rope Access  England
47) Cape Rope Access  UK
48) Capital Safety  France
49) Capital Safety Group Asia  Singapore
50) Capital Safety Training  United Kingdom
51) CMC Rescue, Inc.  USA Santa Barbara CA

Consuta Training Ltd

 United Kingdom - South East

53) Cotech IRM Services Inc.  United States - Texas
54) Crosbie Salamis Limited  Canada - Newfoundland
55) CSW Totem  Poland
56) CWind Ltd  United Kingdom - South East
57) Dagon Safety Systems USA  United States

Derrick Services (UK)

 United Kingdom

59) DIRA-Group  Netherlands
60)  Netherlands

62) Dragon Safety Systems UK Ltd  United Kingdom
63) Effective Offshore Ltd  Ireland
65) Escuela Andaluza de Seguridad en Trabajos de Altura y Verticales  Spain - Mainland, Baleares, Melilla, Ceuta

Fall Factor Zero Ltd

 UK, Scotland

68) Fall Prevention Technologies CC  South Africa
69) figure-8training  Australia - Victoria
70) Forepro Oy (LTD)  Finland
71) Global Remote Integrated Access Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  India
72) Global Remote Ltd  Hong Kong
73) Gravitec Systems, Inc.  United States - Washington
74) gravitek  South Africa
75) Gravity Training  South Africa
76) Gravity Training  South Africa
77) Gridins Enterprise LT  Lithuania
78) Height Specialists  Netherlands
79) Height Specialists  Netherlands
80) heightec - The National Access and Rescue Centre  UK National - Cumbria, Midlands, London, Essex, Scotlan
81) Heightworks Ltd  England
82) High Angle Rescue and Access Systems  South Africa
83) High Q Limited  UK Yorkshire
84) High Work  United Kingdom - South East

86) HRAI Australia PTY Ltd  Australia - Western Australia
87) HRAI Group  UK Scotland
88) Innovative Inspection Services Kwazulu Natal  South Africa
89) International Training Center  Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

IRM Services

 Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

91) ITC Oil & Gas  Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
92) IWR México  Mexico - (South, Central, and Eastern)
93) JC International Ltd  Nigeria
94) K2  South Africa

Kaefer Opus Limited

 Northeast England

97) Klatre-Centeret  Denmark
98) Klatterservice AB  Sweden
99) Kompetenz im Seil  Germany
100) Lyon Equipment Limited  Great Britain
101) Maersk Training  United Kingdom - North East
102) Maritime Rescue and Medical Inc  Canada - New Brunswick
103) Mark Wright Training  UK

Martin Castle Ltd

 United Kingdom - South East

105) Maximum Arrest Force Inc.  Canada Ontario
106) Mira Rope Access  Turkey
107) MME Group  Netherlands
108) MTAconsulting  Italy
109) National Height Safety & Access Solutions  Australia - New South Wales
110) National Height Safety & Solutions  Australia

112) National Wind Farm Training  United Kingdom - South East

Neptune Asset Integrity Services

 Australia and SE Asia

114) NOV  United States - Texas
115) O'Briens Window Cleaning Services Pty Ltd  Australia - New South Wales

Ocean Marine Training

 United Kingdom - Scotland

117) Oceaneering  UK England
118) Oceaneering Int'l, Inc.  United States - Texas

Oceaneering International

 United Arab Emirates

120) Oceaneering OiS  UAE

Oilfield Testing Services Ltd

 United Kingdom Norfolk

122) ORANGE ACCESS  Holland

Outreach Rescue

 United Kingdom - Wales

124) Pegasus Safety and Rescue LTD  Canada - Ontario
125) Petrofac Training  United Kingdom - Scotland
126) PRA- Protection Rigging Access  Malaysia
127) QTS Group  United Kingdom - Scotland
128) RAC - GROUP INC  Canada - Alberta
129) RAM Rope Access Maintenance Inc  Canada - New Brunswick
130) RAT West Africa  Ghana, West Wfrica
131) Remote Access Technology International  United States - Nevada
132) Remote Access Technology UK  United Kingdom - Wales
133) Rescue Specialist & ATP  United Kingdom - North West
134) RIG Systems  UK England

Rigg Access

 United Kingdom - North East


 United Kingdom - Scotland

137) RigSafe  United Kingdom - Midlands
138) RIS Safety  Australia - Queensland
139) Rojam Major, Predkiel sp.j.  Poland
140) Rope Access Calgary Inc.  Canada - Alberta
141) Rope Access Calgary.Inc  Canada - Alberta
142) Rope Access Specialists Ltd  United Kingdom N Ireland

144) Rope Base Ltd  United Kingdom - Scotland
145) Rope Partner  United States - California
146) Rope Partner  United States - California
147) Rope Partner, Inc.  USA
148) Ropeskills Rigging  Malaysia
149) Ropeworks / a member of Mistras Group, Inc.  United States - Nevada
150) S C Access Ltd  UK England
151) Safe Work Access Technology Phils. Inc  Philippines
152) Saferight  Australia
153) Safetech  UK
154) Safety No Limits  Greece
155) Safety Technology Ltd  United Kingdom - Wales
156) Scotts Access Services Ltd  United Kingdom - North East
157) SECA Technical Services  United Kingdom - North East
158) Seilfest  Germany
159) SIKKER SRL  Italy
160) Skala Inc.  USA
161) SKY TRACK  India
162) Skyproff  Estonia
163) Skyproff OÜ  Estonia
164) Skyriders Access Specialists  South Africa
165) Skyriders Access Specialists (Pty) Ltd.  South Africa
166)  Poland
167) SOLO  Romania
168) Solus Emirates  Angola
169) Southeastern Rope Access LLC  United States - Georgia

Span Access Solutions Limited

 United Kingdom - Scotland

171) SpanSet Limited  United Kingdom
172) Specialist Training Consultants Ltd  United Kingdom
173) Spectrum Ventures ASI Pte Ltd  Singapore

Stork Technical Services

 United States - Texas

Stork Technical Services

 United Kingdom - Scotland

Stork Technical ServicesTraining Centre

 United Kingdom - Scotland

Talon NDT Ltd

 UK Scotland

179) TEAM-1 Academy  Canada - Ontario
180) TeamAscent Ltd  United Kingdom - Scotland
181) Teesside Industrial Solutions Limited  United Kingdom - North East
182) TES Inc.  United States - Tennessee (eastern)
183) The Abseilers Limited  United Kingdom - South East
184) The Australian School of Mountaineering  Australia NSW
185) The Up and Under Group  United Kingdom - North West
186) The Up and Under Group Limited  UK Northwest
187) Toprope  South Africa
188) Toprope  South Africa

Total Access (UK) Ltd

 United Kingdom Stafford

190) Total Solutions  United Arab Emirates

Total Solutions Middle East LLC

 UAE, United Arab Emirates

193) trabajos en alturas  mexico
194) Trabajos en Alturas  Mexico - (South, Central, and Eastern)

TRAC Oil and Gas Ltd

 United Kingdom - Scotland

196) TRAC Training Ltd  United Kingdom - Scotland
197) UAB Gridins Enterprise LT  Lithuania
198) Ultra Climber Consultoria  Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
199) velosi specialised inspection sdn bhd  Malaysia
200) VERA Industrial Access Inc.  Canada, Australia, North & South America

202) Vertical Access Ltd  United Kingdom England
203) Vertical Consulting  Switzerland
204) Vertical Consulting  Switzerland
205) Vertigo Specialist High Access Services  Australia Adelaide
206) Westcon Lfteteknikk AS  Norway
207) Xi Training Ltd  UK, Lancashire